The Most Useful & Must Have Study Apps

The Most Useful & Must Have Study Apps

To make a student’s life more fun, safer, cheaper, and easier, there is an application for everything today. Whether you need assistance in keeping fit, waking up on time, revising, or taking notes, you should read this guide to choose the best application for you. Check out our list of the most exciting apps nowadays:

1. Lecture capture apps

With these apps, you will be able to listen back and record the classes without spending additional money on pricey recording equipment. You may use SoundNote to capture lectures, acting as audio recorder and notepad for you to store the lecture in both audio and visual form. With the app called Office Lens, you might photograph a whiteboard, converting it to a PDF, PowerPoint, or Word. Also, you may use Audio Memos Free – The Voice Recorder (iOS) and Notes Plus (iOS).

 2. Revision apps

 With this app, the revision will be fun. Use StudyBlue, if you like flashcards. This app will assist you in using your course data to generate a choice of card sets for certain revisions. You might also test yourself and make your own flashcards. One more of such apps is GoConqr, offering resources to generate quizzes, notes, flashcards, mind maps, and revision charts. To keep track of the days before the exams you might also use Exam Countdown (iOS).

3. Exam prep apps

 You may utilize other apps for such exams as the GMAT, MCAT, LSAT & GRE tests. For instance, you may use BenchPrep to connect with other test-takers and track your learning progress. Use TCY Exam Prep (Android) to prepare for exams if you are the USA or Indian student. There are several study resources for bank exams, GRE, MBA/CAT tests, and GATE.

4. Student planner apps

 Such planner apps save on essays, send reminders, and also alert straight to the device or phone. Among the popular planner applications is Timetable (Android) that features a clean and sharp interface to map the timetable easily. You may also utilize Class Timetable (iOS) or My Class Schedule (Android) that features a more traditional spreadsheet-style layout. 

5. Video call apps

 For video calling, you may use FaceTime on an iPhone to make an easy call. Also, you might utilize Skype on your tablet to make it easy to compose a text, browse the web, or cook dinner. Also, there are such video call applications as IMO and Tango. So you can easily improve your studying performance with all the apps mentioned above. 

Being a high school student, with the exam countdown lite, you will need to prepare your homework assignments well. So flashcards, Evernote app on your mobile device will be essential for works offline. So download the productivity app and use google drive to save it if you are college students. Using Google calendar free app will make your study life much easier. Also, for improving your college study, you may record the lectures keeping them on the audio file. We recommend downloading also such apps as istudiez pro legend, wolfram alpha, and dragon anywhere.

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