The most exciting and helpful study apps

exciting and helpful study apps

Being a college student, studying will be a big part of your life. Even though studying is essential, it should not be boring, especially, if there are so many great new applications that are digitally available for your laptop or phone. Study applications might save the life of a busy student. 

No matter whether you attend a traditional university trying to obtain the degree online or take a course to master your career, such study applications will assist you in staying on top. Some of the applications are free of charge while you should buy the others, most of them are very cheap. Read on to find some of the most appropriate apps on the market to assist you in studying.

Best Free: My Study Life

This is a free application that you might download on the App Store iTunes or Google Play. With this app. you will be available to store data about your classes, exams, and homework on the cloud, managing them from any device anywhere. You might get access to your information offline which is helpful if there is no Wi-Fi connection. 

Best Organizational Study App: iStudiez Pro Legend

You might download this app at iTunes and Mac App Store. There are such features as integration and notifications with Google Calendar, grade tracking, synchronization for multiple platforms, a planner, assignments organization, and overview screen. With this app, you can calculate your GPA and grades. On iTunes, it is free of charge but you should pay $9.99 for Windows.

Best Brainstorming Study App: XMind

This is a mind-mapping software that might assist in idea management and researching. It is great for your ideas to flow. Some of its editions are free while you should pay for other versions. With it, you might make use of logic charges, organizational charges, multiple templates, and a matrix chart for projects, weekly planning, and more. 

Best Notetaking Study App: Dragon Anywhere

This is an app that will assist you in dictating the study notes by speaking into your tool. You may subscribe to it for $15 a month. You might dictate to your tool from anywhere if you log in. If you are silent for 20 seconds, it will turn itself off. It will keep on dictating as long as you will proceed to talk. It features a user-defined dictionary for you to add frequently spoken words. 

Best Flashcard Study App: Flashcards+

This app is free to download for every student who enjoys studying flashcards. You might generate flashcards despite the project type. If you master the card, you might remove it easily. You can also download many cards with this app. You might download it on Google Play or the Apple App Store.

If you are a high school student, for homework assignments and study material you are recommended to utilize flashcards and free apps, especially, with exam countdown lite. Utilize the Evernote app. Download productivity app on google drive or your mobile device. Make audio recordings and work offline.

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