The main helpful apps for college students

helpful apps for college students

You might use applications to keep in touch with distant relatives and track your social life. However, there are apps to help you stay organized and learn as a college student. If you utilize the following applications, you will find that technologies boost your chances to succeed in education too.

1. Circle of 6

While you might concentrate on keeping up primarily with your home assignment and enjoy the social life, you might take advantage of professional life. with this app, you will be able to designate 6 safe people and contact them discretely, even if you are in danger. Just click a few buttons to send data about your current location. 

Message to one or a few of your 6 contact people. They might then respond to you through calling for assistance on your behalf or just go to that place to help. This app is an award-winning safety and available for Android or iPhone systems.

2. MindNode

With this app, the process of organizing your ideas writing a research paper becomes easier. It lets you create mind maps. You might place your main idea in the center. then enter the related ideas in branches that will be moving away from the center. 

The map lets you make connections between thoughts that might lead to creative approaches or you may utilize them as an organizational device, making each project more simple to manage. This app is compatible with Mac or Apple devices.

3. Studious

In order not to get lost in a large college campus, you may use this app. So you will no longer wander around searching for a classroom or building. This app features a database with clear maps for chosen college campuses. You might receive the directions to get to specific locations with GPS capability.

However, the application also includes pictures of various locations. There are other features such as timetables and planner to assist you with the organization. The app adds frequently new college campuses to its database. It is available for every Apple tool.

4. Study Blue

You might waste a lot of time searching via a mess of class notes trying to study for a test. With this application, it will be much easier to organize the notes you have for you to study more effectively. Also, you might find more time to study because you will no longer need your paper notes to cram. 

This app lets you search a library for data, create digital flashcards, collaborate with the study partners, and fulfill review sheets or quizzes based on the entered notes. This app synchronizes with Evernote. It is available for all Android and Apple devices. 

5. Mathway

With this app, you will be able to check the answers to every math issue in real-time. If you have no idea of how to solve the problem or do not know the answer, you might plug in into the application to view the way it offers to solve the issue. There is no need to have network access to utilize this application. 

Therefore, it will help you when studying even if you are in another location or not in the library where there is no cell phone connection. This app is available for Apple and Android devices. you might download it via Google Play, iTunes, or Amazon.

6. EasyBib

You might know that it takes a lot of time to make sure you included all the data about the resources used in your essay. With this app, you will save a lot of time and effort. It helps create the academic reference from the book just scanning the barcode of the book. 

You might choose the referencing style (APA, MLA, Chicago Turabian). Type the book’s title or take a picture of the barcode of the book in your device, and the proper referencing is done.

There are many mobile apps you might download and stay safe. Even having no money on your bank account and not knowing a foreign language, you might download free apps to make photos videos, use cloud storage, and hang out in social media. With the great app for ios and android, you might organize your class schedule. Downloaded on google drive, the app might solve your math problem forever, if you have. We also recommend you using wolfram alpha, Istudiez pro, and Realcalc scientific calculator for your convenience.

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