The Best College Search Apps to Succeed in Studying

College Search Apps to Succeed in Studying

There are dozens of assignments involved in getting prepared for college, no matter whether you have just begun to research schools or already are packing up and moving into the new apartment or dorm. With the prevailing number of tablets and smartphones, there are many applications that might assist you in almost everything – including getting prepared for college. 

Perhaps, you rely on your smartphone in organization of your most life aspects so it will not be that complicated also to utilize it for the transition phase. Here you will find the best applications to assist you via the various stages of the college preparation process, from choosing the proper college to completing the standardized tests to start school.

1. The Homework App 

This app assists you in organization of your homework. You might generate a timetable that will integrate all your assignments and sub-assignments for every discipline to assist you in prioritizing your study time. Utilize this app when you are still in your high school to assist you in making the grades to be enrolled in the selected school. This app might then travel with you to your college to assist you in keeping on top of everything.

2. College Interactive

This application lets you search for colleges. You might generate a profile with necessary details about yourself such as test scores, GPA, extracurricular activities, etc. Then you might search for the schools utilizing different criteria and find out more data about every college. For instance, you might take a virtual tour in some schools. Also, this app lets you receive messages from some universities and make a registration for events. 

3. Find Colleges

This is one more application that might assist you in the college search. It lets you search utilizing various criteria like tuition fees, majors, size, location, and more. It gives additional data about every college too such as links to the college websites and video profiles. As an extra bonus, you might contact directly the school to request extra data from within the application.

4. YouVisit Colleges

If you are really interested in a certain school, there is nothing better than visiting it in person. To assist you in narrowing down the list of potential schools, you are recommended to take a virtual tour. With this app, you might take a tour to more than 1,000 various schools with interviews and stats to add to your experience. If you have a virtual reality headset, your virtual tour will be very cool.

5. Naviance Student

You might be familiar with the Naviance website as a popular college planning device for high school students. With this mobile application, you might get access to the mobile version of the device to research schools, create to-do lists, and connect with counselors. Even though it is free of charge, you should subscribe to it to enjoy the complete benefits of the application.

6. EduPath College Passport SAT Edition

There are many various SAT prep applications on the market. however, this app is exclusive because there is an adaptive platform, application organizer, and college search addition. When you work, the application recognizes the attention areas and focuses on those spots until you fix them. So you should not spend a lot of time on it. You might utilize it every day whenever you have spare moments. Your progress might be monitored by your parents too. 

7. ACT TestBank

This app assists you in studying for the ACT. Your progress is tracked so you might view the way you improved and the areas that need to work on. The app is free of charge to download. There are in-app purchases for different practice issues. 

Every student knows that if they want to boost their chances for admission, they must find the right college and do their best during the college application process. There are more than 4,000 colleges in the USA offering a big future by school counselors. You might ask for financial aid, trying to enter the college. Note that it is always better to keep the name of college confidential, especially, if you ask for student loans. To get enrolled in the best one out of your college list, glance over the list of schools with the help of the mobile app. Check out your grade and test scores by the college navigator app during the college admission process. Get the current data at the college board when you pass the tests.

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