List of the best educational apps for college students

List of the best educational apps for college students

Modern realities are such that you are unlikely to find a person who does not use technology. Everyone today has a smartphone or tablet, using them for a variety of purposes. First of all, it’s entertainment: one can read books, watch movies, listen to music, chat with friends, etc.

But if you are a student, it will be a fatal mistake not to use your gadget for successful studies. Both iOS and Android offer a huge selection of the best educational apps for college students these days. 

And it’s not just about a calculator or a library of textbooks. Of course, some of them are pretty common, such as Google Drive. But there are really incredible free apps for your mobile device! 

We are ready to offer you some options to find the perfect one. Use them to keep up with the times and improve your academic performance!

Best educational iPad apps for college students reviews

iStudiez Pro – Student Planner 

This application combines the functions of a scheduler, notepad, and calendar. It will help to plan time for study, rest, visiting additional sections.

Unlike other similar applications, iStudiez Pro is designed specifically for students. The user has access to the:

  • schedule of classes
  • their division into categories (lectures, practical work, laboratory)
  • homework
  • filling out grades
  • maintaining a list of teachers

Here you will find everything you may need in the organization of the educational process. 

It also allows you to share the schedule with friends.

The app works on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, and the Mac App Store has a Mac version. All data is automatically synchronized between devices, so you always have up-to-date information for all of your gadgets.

Scanner Pro 

Handwritten notes and printed documents are easy to lose. To prevent this from happening, scan them using Scanner Pro 7 and a camera on your iPad.

The application uses a high-quality sheet capture algorithm and text recognition technology. So the scanned document will look good, and you can copy parts of the text from it.

Documents from the application can be saved to cloud services, sent by mail, shared with classmates.


College students are so easily distracted from learning tasks! If you procrastinate on social media all the time, download the SelfControl application right now!

It will help block websites that distract you from learning. No more alerts will distract you! As soon as you finish your homework, you will again be able to unlock your favorite applications!


With the release of the iPad, Apple released a set of office applications, which soon appeared for the iPhone as well. An advanced text editor works with spreadsheets and logical software for creating presentations. All this will come in handy at college especially for the creation of abstracts and research papers.

The programs are available for free for new devices. In models with a large amount of memory and are completely pre-installed. iPad and iPhone also allow you to use the office suite from Microsoft.

iTunes U

The free iTunes U app for iPad provides you with access to various courses from universities and schools. These courses are completely free and include test assignments. Among the training materials of the iTunes U application, audio, video, books, and presentations can be distinguished. The application includes more than 500,000 free lectures, videos, books, and other materials from algebra to zoology.

Best educational android apps for college students reviews

Khan Academy

Khan Academy for college students

Khan Academy is one of the best educational Android apps for college students. It is a great opportunity to boost your knowledge of some traditional subjects like mathematics, science, physics, economics, etc.

The application provides access to more than 10 thousand videos. You can use them to learn new things or to update old knowledge for the exam. 


PhotoMath is a more focused application you can download from Google Play.  Many people have difficulty mastering math, and this app can help. It uses a camera and optical character recognition technology to read the equations you write and provide answers.

Moreover, it shows the solution algorithm step by step. Thanks to this, you can learn how to solve math problems yourself.

The free version offers basic features. With a paid pro account, you can use step-by-step algorithms, advanced explanations, and additional resources.


Does essay formatting seem very complicated to you? This is because you still do not use this application! It will help you master any modern style, be it MLA or APA. 

Just enter the name of your source and you will get the correct citation. Copy this into your essay and you won’t have to spend a lot of time and effort on this task!


The Quizlet service is developed to study materials with the help of cards. On the one side the term is written, on the other — the definition, you can also learn language pairs. In addition, the program supports pictures, which will be useful if you’re studying biology and geography.

The learning process is built classically for cards: one chooses which side to show, and one calls the reverse side ourselves. Several game modes speed up the process of learning and self-test. Language pairs are fun to work in a mode where the user should specify the translation accurately.


When the new school year begins, your professor will send you a list of textbooks. Do not rush to spend all your savings. You can download this application to gain access to the necessary materials. 

It is free and it allows you to get the necessary textbook for rent. This is a great solution if you are not sure you need this or that book. You can rent it and decide to purchase a paper version. Or use it on your smartphone, why not? Music for the brain

You have probably heard that music can be not only entertaining but also really useful for the brain. It helps us concentrate, relax, meditate. Some music adds motivation during sports training, and other tracks charge you with energy for mental activity.

If you’ve ever spent a couple of hours looking for the perfect instructional music, you should install this radio. You can set certain settings for your goals and get music that will help you exceed even your own expectations!

Do you need websites to help you study?

In fact, there are many opportunities to improve your studies these days. And interesting best educational iPad apps for college students are only one of them.

What will you do if you got a task that seems complicated and challenging enough for you? You can spend time, nerves, and strength to complete it.

Or you can entrust this task to a professional writer. Many websites offer a similar service online. You send the file with your requirements and get the paper on your topic written from scratch. It will be free of plagiarism. 

Some suggestions may correct your mistakes or format quotes in the right way. But artificial intelligence is not yet able to create a really high-quality and informative essay. In any case, it would be very expensive. 

Take some time to find a good writing service and you will get expert help!

People also ask about…

What are useful apps for students?

This is the software you use to prepare for classes or exams. The choice of a specific application depends on your major.
For example, medical students can use anatomical applications, collections of drugs, medical protocols, etc.
Philologists will definitely appreciate the glossaries, dictionaries of synonyms, applications for memorizing new lexis, and tracking errors in texts.
Lawyers need applications where legislation is described briefly, but informatively, with real examples.

What are the educational applications?

These are applications that have educational value. They help you not only learn something new, for example, an interesting fact from the life of animals. They are aimed at teaching you new knowledge and skills.
Of course, educational applications do not have to be academic. Often they are designed for a wide audience, but there are also highly specialized ones. For example, some anatomical atlases are clear to all users, while others are more detailed and specific.

What software is free for students?

It depends on the development company and their ways of making a profit.
In fact, many study apps are provided free. But you should be prepared for a lot of advertising if you want to take advantage of this.
Some applications also offer several packages. For example, the basic one will be free for you. But if you want to get access to advanced functions, you will need to pay.
Do not rush to pay for paid applications, thinking that they are better. Use the free trial version to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages.

How do I study for college with an application?

Educational mobile apps are good because you can use them anytime.
Just imagine, you ride the subway, take your phone, and repeat the material for your exam. Or you can turn on an educational audiobook while walking.
Applications offer a summary of the information as well as the game format. This helps to remember data quickly and efficiently. In addition, you have the opportunity to test your knowledge of quizzes and tests. 
Having fun with the application, you improve your grades. Isn’t that the best you can think of?

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