Good study apps to boost your academic performance

Good study apps to boost your academic performance

Studying at a high school, college, or university can be really exhausting. Each professor considers his discipline the most important and sends you a huge number of assignments with clear deadlines. College student movies sometimes just seem unrealistic: how can they think of parties? Shouldn’t they pore over textbooks?

If this sounds very familiar, it means that you should better organize your approach to learning. Being a great student is very commendable. But you risk just missing your life.

In fact, sometimes the correct organization of the educational process can significantly facilitate all tasks. Have you ever thought about downloading a couple of good study apps?

Why do you need applications for your education?

Firstly, applications are modern. You use your smartphone to send messages to friends instead of the traditional post letters. So why don’t you use it for the study as well?

There are different types of applications, each of which has its own goals.

You can forget about textbooks because your mobile device is ready to offer you e-books and audiobooks. Math problems can also be solved in this way. A good app will organize your study calendar and send you a reminder before the exam.

If you study foreign languages ​​and want to practice new vocabulary or grammar, guess what? Of course, you can download the corresponding application in just a couple of minutes.

Now get ready, because we are going to provide you with a whole list of amazing iOS, Android apps for students! Do not miss the opportunity to download some of them you like the most!

10 best apps reviews

1. Wunderlist

If you are one of those students who lack self-organization, just download this application.

You can keep track of all your tasks, which are organized as a to-do list. If you want, you can send this list to other people: fellow students or a professor.

Set deadlines and reminders for important tasks so as not to forget about them.

You can also create your own thematic to-do lists, for example, to prepare for a specific exam. The interface is very simple and straightforward, there are no unnecessary functions that would distract you.

2. Headspace

Do you know what prevents most students from succeeding?

They are not concentrated and attentive enough. This is easy to understand. Emotional pressure from professors certainly does not contribute to good results.

Install Headspace and you will get a large selection of audio recordings. They will help you focus on important information, forget about stress and anxiety. There are also video and animated meditations.

Use the application for ten minutes and you will notice that your concentration is gradually improving.


With this application, you can pick up music for different purposes. 

The development process involves neuroscientists who test the effectiveness of melodies used. Need to better focus on tasks, fall asleep faster, relax, fight anxiety? Just download the audio file you need. The application has special melodies for study and reading with several options.

4. The Pomodoro Timer 

This extension works according to the popular Pomodoro method: 25 minutes work, 5 minutes rest. 

Thanks to this technique, it turns out to focus on tasks and not get tired. 

What if time periods are not suitable for you? It is possible to reconfigure them by increasing or decreasing the time of work and rest. The timer will sound a warning signal when it is time to take a break. 

The app has a minimalistic design. It does not take up much space on the screen and does not distract from the study process. 

5. Xmind

It’s a perfect application for mind maps. They are useful not only to students. They are used by conference speakers, creators, company owners, and ordinary people. They help simply clean up your head, practice brainstorming or write a to-do list.

Xmind helps to easily structure any ideas. There is a central theme, and there are branches from the main theme to the sub-theme. Everything here is intuitive and easy to understand.

6. Evernote 

Honestly, student life is impossible to imagine without notes. This is what helps you not only in exams but on a daily basis.

But what if complete chaos reigns among your notes? It’s time to install Evernote. This is the best assistant for students.

Firstly, you can organize all your notes in one place. Further, you can make them more useful by adding checklists, links, audio recordings, etc.

The application has a free version with basic features, such as searching for text inside images. The paid version allows you to synchronize any number of devices.

7. Quizlet

Forget about paper flash cards!

Now you can create them and store them directly on your smartphone. It doesn’t matter what you need to remember: a list of all American states, international airport codes, or German irregular verbs.

Of course, it is possible to get access to other student’s flashcards. You can’t even imagine how many options are there right now. 

Quizlet is an application that will help you organize any information, review it, and use it for speedy memorization. You will prepare for the next exam effortlessly!

8. ABBYY LINGVO Dictionaries

ABBYY LINGVO Dictionaries

It is one of the most popular linguistic applications. It will be an excellent assistant for students of language faculties. 

The ABBYY Lingvo mobile program doesn’t even require a stable Internet connection. It will translate individual words and persistent phrases for you offline.

The free version of the application contains 11 dictionaries for 7 languages. More than 200 are available at an additional cost.

The application supports several word input options. You can drive on the numeric keypad, point the camera at your smartphone, or take a screenshot.

9. Coursera

This app is developed for students regardless of their location and majors. This software contains more than 1000 different lectures. They were developed in more than 140 of the best colleges and universities in the world. Courses have different thematics: from programming to photography theory.

After completing the lecture course, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you can add to your CV.

10. Wolfram Alpha

The Wolfram Alpha mobile application provides access to a specific online service. It knows the answers to a huge number of direct questions from so many areas. From mathematics, statistics, astronomy, and history to weather and food calories.

All you need is to simply type a math problem, a chemical equation, or any other set into a search bar

Why do you need editing and custom writing services

Do not think that applications are the only way to get A-grades. Students who seek new knowledge will always find opportunities.

One of them is professional help. It goes about editorial and custom writing services.

If you received the task of writing a paper, not a single app allows you this opportunity. Artificial intelligence will not come up with an argumentative essay or a term paper.

Of course, some of them can really be useful. For example, an application for citation in the style of MLA or APA. Or a dictionary that will help get rid of errors. Or an online translator. 

But such software is not yet able to replace a real writer or editor.

What do you need to do? First, decide on your requirements and wishes and place them in one document. Your next step is to choose a good company. Always pay attention to the list of services, their cost, as well as the company’s online reputation.

When placing an order, describe your requirements as detailed as possible. This will help you get exactly the result you expect. Keep in touch with your author or customer support manager to control the whole process. 

Using professional writing and editorial services along with top study apps, you will definitely get the best result!

Good study apps FAQ

What is the best app for studying?

Each student has his own criteria for evaluating the best application. It depends on what tasks you have.
In fact, if you need help with any discipline, you can study the feedback from other students.
Or you can download a free version to test the application and see how convenient it is for you. Developers always offer new and modern features. But this does not mean that this application is right for you.
Having studied our list, you will definitely find something that will help improve your grades!

How can applications improve performance?

Educational applications are good because they are from this century. You probably know that different generations of students have different types of thinking.
The fact is that our parents are used to using thick textbooks and notes. But your peers have clip thinking. The application in the smartphone will deliver information faster than any manual.
In addition, many applications offer a stylish interface and a game form of training. When playing, you don’t notice how you study. This is the best way to remember new information or to consolidate existing knowledge.

Which app is useful for students?

There are many applications that can be useful for students. They can be divided into different categories.
For example, there are time management applications. They help plan your curriculum, prioritize tasks, manage projects with other students.
There are also applications that offer brief theoretical information. Instead of looking for data in textbooks, you can use your smartphone.
Such apps as Google Calendar and Google Drive are pretty common. But they are useful if you know how to leverage their opportunities for colleges studying.
The third type of application is the tests and training games. They help you practice your knowledge.

Should I pay for educational applications?

It depends on your goals, budget, and the application itself.
In fact, many developers offer free apps with a moderate amount of advertising. This is a great solution for everyday use.
There is also free software, but with paid features. This is necessary for advanced students who want to access specialized information or additional features.
Paid applications usually have a trial version. It is necessary for you to appreciate all the benefits and understand whether you want to pay for this service.

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