Best budgeting apps for college students

Best budgeting apps for college students

When you are in college, you gain a huge amount of new knowledge and skills.

It is not just about academic experience. You learn to interact with other people, set goals, and achieve them. And, of course, you learn to manage your finances.

Most college students receive relative independence from their parents. You can rent a house, pay utility bills or student loans, have fun with friends, travel, use your credit and debit cards. In any of these cases, even if you only have pocket money, you should manage your budget.

At first glance, this task seems very difficult. On the other hand, there are many modern solutions today. For example, you can download one of the good budgeting apps for college students. We are ready to offer you a list of interesting options and some useful tips!

How you can use an application for your advantage?

Most budgeting apps are purposed to control your income and expenses.

This means that you enter in the application all the income that you receive: salary, scholarship, pocket money from parents, etc. Similarly, you can track your spending by specifying a category. 

Then you will receive up-to-date information about your financial accounts. For example, you will find that the category of “fast food” is the main, while you are trying to save money. Understanding your spending habits, you will improve them and raise your first personal capital.

Some applications suggest setting saving goals. This is a great opportunity, if you do not have savings yet and want to master this skill.

So, what are the best budgeting apps for college students? Let’s see at some of them!

10 financial applications each college student needs

1. Mint

Mint is one of the most popular apps not only among students. It connects directly to your bank account, which allows you to combine all financial transactions in one place. 

You will not forget to make your expenses, because the application will do this automatically. For example, if you withdraw cash, it takes into account both the amount that you have withdrawn and the commission of your bank.

mint financial applications

You can also see the categories of spending and track areas where you can reduce costs. Please note that if you use a credit card, the application will allow you to see both the total balance and your personal money.

This application is pretty convenient because you do not need to personally make all the income and expenses.

2. Left to spend

The idea of this application is that you have access to the amount that you can spend this month.

You make all planned payments to the application. for example, tuition, utilities, transportation. Further, this tool will deduct all these payments from your current balance. You will receive only the amount “Left to spend”.

This feature seems very simple, but actually it is really useful. When you see a certain amount that improves daily, you get the motivation to set budgets and not to spend this money.

3. Toshl finance

This application has a very simple interface. You can just download it and start using it right away!

What you can do here is to set limits for different categories of expenses. For example, you want to spend on movies no more than $ 50 per month. Enter this number in the application and it will show you how close you are to the limit. Such visualization will allow you to better control your expenses.

4. Money Wallet

Some users may think that there are few high-quality budgeting tools for personal finance developed for the Windows platform. However, it is not. Money Wallet is a good example. It combines all your accounts in one place, monitors the state of the budget, and reminds you of scheduled payments on time.

You can keep accounts of various types (cash, bank account, credit card, savings account). The application also supports multi-currency with the ability to update the current rate online. It allows you to create weekly, monthly, and annual budgets as well.


It is a very handy application that helps you stick to your monthly plan. There is not a large selection of features, but thanks to this, Goodbudget is easy to use. All that is needed is to indicate how much money you are going to spend this month.

 Define some categories for your expenses, such as “entertainment”, “food”, “transport” or “clothes”.  The program will help you keep track of costs and not spend too much.

6. Splittable 

The Splittable application is designed specifically for students who rent an apartment together or share the cost with other people. With its help, you can easily understand who pays more for utilities, how much money each of you spent on the purchase of products, and other common needs. Splittable will put things in order in your total expenses, which will help to avoid unnecessary disputes and insults.

7. Expensify

The main objective of Expensify is to store and recognize cash receipts. You just need to photograph the account in a cafe, bar, store, so that the smart application itself will bring the amount presented on it to the desired category of expenses.

This is the perfect app for those students who forget to pay their expenses on time. You can simply save all checks and deposit them into the application once a week or per month. The main thing is not just to add this information, but to analyze it. Only after you draw certain conclusions, you will change your habits.

8. Daily Budget

If you want to start saving money for something more significant than lunch, this application will help you to get a grip, and calculate your daily expenses. 

To start, you need to type in your monthly income, indicate the amount of standard monthly expenses (for example, utility bills), and indicate the percentage of the total income that you want to save in the piggy bank. After a little thought, the application will give you the amount that you can safely spend during the day.

For each expense, you can add a comment justifying your extravagance.

9. Personal Capital

This is a real catch app for students who are considering investing.

It offers several services at once. You can invest your money by receiving qualified advice before this.

There is also a free personal finance dashboard with fairly convenient budgeting features.

As soon as you begin to make your first investment, the offer offers you an analysis of all fees, asset classes, and other necessary details.

You can use Personal Capital along with other financial applications in order to control spending and wisely invest at the same time.

10. Pocketguard

Student life can take you by surprise. If you have created several bank accounts, opened a credit card and an account for savings, this information can be mixed up and cause confusion.

Therefore, you will need an application to synchronize all your bank accounts, loans, savings in one place. If it seems to you that you spend all your money for some reason, Pocketguard will definitely find the answer for you.

This is one of the best free budgeting apps for college students. And there is a point. If you want to learn how to manage your finances, you probably do not want to spend money on an application for these purposes!

Websites to help you study and save money

Perhaps, during your college years, you will realize that you need help writing an essay or doing homework.

There are many companies today that provide writing and editorial services. Of course, not for free.

Some of them can seriously affect your budget. But others will save you strength and even allow you to make a profit. You will no longer spend hours on procrastination, and you can devote this time to work.

Frequently asked questions about students’ budgeting

How do college students create a budget?

Each student has a different budget.

Someone gets money from their parents, and someone works. You can receive a scholarship or apply for a loan to pay for studies and related expenses. The budgeting of students cannot be called unambiguous. Therefore, there is no single, universal application that would satisfy absolutely all needs.

Why budgeting is important for college students?

Firstly, it is important because it allows you to control your finances. You probably want to have money not only for basic needs but also for entertainment, travel, self-development, etc. Proper budgeting will help you with these goals.

In addition, the sooner you start planning your finances, the better results you will achieve in the future, after college. The habits of spending are developed over several years, and now you have the opportunity to make them positive.

What is the easiest budget app?

Almost all the applications on our list are quite simple.

If you’re looking for an intuitive interface, try Toshl finance. Judging by the reviews, many students who appreciate simplicity like it.

But this should not be the only criterion. It’s better to study several different applications and compare them to find one that has all the functions you need.

What is a good app for budgeting?

A good application is one that fits your needs.

It may have a stylish design, but poor functionality. And vice versa. All students have different needs, and therefore we have offered you this list. We hope you can choose the best option for yourself!

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